Ninty Nine Percent Navy Blue Tee


Short-sleeve tee showcasing Flagrant Agenda's "Ninty Nine Percent" custom-designed graphic print and slogan at the back. Featuring a comfortable regular fit. Crafted from 100% premium soft cotton.    


About the design

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Cliche? I know.
But that is one of the catchphrase that describe reality most aptly. Getting rich entails a lot more than material advantage.

It offers unrivaled opportunities to almost everything in our current society. It is also not just about the widening gap between those who-have and those who-have-nots. It is also about how difficult it is to jump across the gap to reach the other side. Thus, we have a situation with a few at the top, a huge and insurmountable gap in the middle and the rest, struggling and trying very hard to just get a little bit ahead, at the bottom. A futile effort some may say.


Measurements & Specs

Model is wearing M


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