Nowhere to Hide White Tee


Short-sleeve tee showcasing Flagrant Agenda's Nowhere to Hide Logo front and back.

Crafted from 100% premium soft cotton. New Size XS available and the rest of the sizes are being modified for a better fit.  

About the Design

Life isn’t fair and we all know it. Some people get ahead of others, sometimes through unscrupulous means and that is what we all hate. Why do “they” get the best when they don’t play by the rules?

Fret not. Fairness comes not during life but at death. We all die. The only difference is that those of us that have no guilty conscience will probably take death as it comes, with peace and no regrets while those who played life unjustly will be gripped with fear.

There is no escape. There is nowhere to hide.

Sizing & Measurements

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