Don't Be Oblivious White Bag


Durable everyday canvas bag with 2 inner pockets for your wallet, phone and accessories. Crafted from 100% premium thick canvas.    


About the design

How many times have we heard of examples of bad things happening and nobody’s helping? Man getting stabbed, little girl getting run over by a truck, woman collapsing in a public place. We cringed and voiced our objections.

Why aren’t these people helping? How can so many people let that happen? Worse, instead of helping, people take photographs or videos, post them online and share with their friends thinking that they are helping. Well, time could be better spent actually helping. Don’t just use your eyes. Reach out with your hands and help. Don’t be oblivious.


Measurements & Specs

Dimension: 15.74 in (W) x 14.96 in (H) x 5 in (D)

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