About Us


An Outlet of Expression

Flagrant Agenda is a Singapore-based, street fashion label that designs apparels with a contemporary and urban overtone with a strong focus on graphics and illustrations. Flagrant Agenda also serves as an outlet to express ourselves on issues we feel strongly about.

A Repository of Our Influences

We are influenced by issues related to our surroundings, the environments we grew up in, what we encounter in our everyday lives and the society at large. These influences in turn strongly guided the themes that appear in our apparels.

A Channel for Understanding

We seek to understand how people who grew up and live in different cultures, specifically the artists and designers that we work with, interpret these themes and hope that by doing so, allows us to gain insights into similarities and differences in the way how people think.

An Instrument for Change

We hope to trigger people’s curiosity to find out more about the themes behind our apparels and inspire them to engage in conversations on and ponder more deeply about the issues influenced by these themes.