Nothing But The Truth White Bag

Durable everyday canvas bag with 2 inner pockets for your wallet, phone and accessories. Crafted from 100% premium thick canvas.    


About the design

People are less trusting of mainstream media nowadays. Gone were the days where people diligently read what was written in the newspapers and trust that what was reported is to a large extent truthful.

It is partly true that we cannot fully trust the present incarnation of what we call mass media. And what do people resort to? Blogs, forums and all the other tools used by the so-called citizen journalists. Are these any better? Yes maybe or maybe no. People tend to look for things that they want to look for and ignore those that don’t. Confirmation bias you can call it. Sometimes, one might need to take a step back to critically look at both mass media and citizen journalism to get a more objective perspective.


Measurements & Specs

Dimension: 15.74 in (W) x 14.96 in (H) x 5 in (D)

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