Make Noize Not War Black Bag

Durable everyday canvas bag with 2 inner pockets for your wallet, phone and accessories. Crafted from 100% premium thick canvas.    


About the design

In many ways, our lives resemble movies that you often see on the silver screen – all those cliche moments of falling in love, falling out of love, having tremendous success, having immense failure, picking oneself up. All we are missing is a soundtrack.

Here’s where street musicians come into the picture. Walking on the streets and hearing that song. That darn song that everyone thinks is their theme song.

Musicians are doing what they enjoy most, in the public for all to enjoy. Slow down and appreciate. Just like the granny enjoying the moment and offering her encouragement. Music is peace. Music is love. Music is life.


Measurements & Specs

Dimension: 15.74 in (W) x 14.96 in (H) x 5 in (D)

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