Looks Ain't Everything White Bag


Durable everyday canvas bag with 2 inner pockets for your wallet, phone and accessories. Crafted from 100% premium thick canvas.    


About the design

Most of us know it but we don’t admit it. We care a lot about how we look, sometimes at the expense of our own health. We skip meals. We exercise excessively. We go for procedures that make us look better, or worse, different from who we really are. This pattern of behaviour is compounded by the fact that we are constantly being compared to beautiful people.

We are exposed every second through the mass and social media, most of the time of naturally beautiful people made unnaturally more beautiful. We may look good after all these but when we are staring into our reflections, what we see might could be a visage of our deaths.


Measurements & Specs

Dimension: 15.74 in (W) x 14.96 in (H) x 5 in (D)

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